Fiber art in interior design styles

modern organic

Embrace the essence of nature with Modern Organic design, where natural materials and earthy textures create a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor living. Fiber art seamlessly integrates into this style, offering tactile richness and organic charm. Picture handwoven tapestries crafted from sustainable fibers, echoing the tranquility of a forest or the serenity of a meadow. Fiber wall hangings add a touch of organic elegance, infusing the space with warmth and character.


Find harmony in the fusion of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian simplicity with Japandi design. Fiber art serves as a bridge between these two styles, with elegant weaves and subtle textures that complement the clean lines and natural materials of Japandi interiors. Consider minimalist fiber sculptures or delicate wall hangings inspired by traditional Japanese motifs, creating a sense of balance and tranquility in your space.


Merge the laid-back vibes of California living with Scandinavian sensibility in Scandifornian design. Fiber art brings a touch of natural flair to this style, with relaxed textures and organic forms that reflect the beauty of both coasts. Picture hand-dyed fiber tapestries inspired by the colours of the California sunset or oversized wall art pieces that add a touch of coastal cool to your Scandinavian-inspired space. Let your imagination run wild with artisanal fiber creations that infuse your Scandifornian retreat with warmth and personality, creating a harmonious blend of coastal charm and Scandinavian chic.


Define contemporary sophistication with Modern design, where clean lines and sleek finishes create a polished and refined aesthetic. Fiber art adds an unexpected twist to this style, with sculptural forms and abstract compositions that challenge traditional notions of art and decor. Consider minimalist fiber installations or geometric wall sculptures that elevate your modern space with artistic intrigue and sophistication, creating a captivating focal point that sparks conversation and intrigue.


Transport yourself to a cozy cabin in the woods with Rustic design, where weathered woods and vintage accents create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Fiber art complements this style effortlessly, adding a touch of handmade charm and rustic elegance. Think woven wall tapestries adorned with nature-inspired motifs or chunky knit blankets draped over rustic wooden furniture, creating a sense of coziness and comfort.


Embrace simplicity with Minimalistic design, where clean lines and uncluttered spaces evoke a sense of serenity and sophistication. Fiber art serves as a subtle yet impactful accent, introducing texture and depth without overpowering the minimalist aesthetic. Consider sleek fiber sculptures or geometric wall weavings that create visual interest while maintaining the sleek simplicity of the space.


Bring the tranquil beauty of the seaside into your home with Coastal design, where breezy vibes and ocean-inspired hues create a relaxed and inviting ambiance. Fiber art captures the essence of coastal living, with airy macramé wall hangings and woven tapestries that evoke the serenity of the sea. Imagine shell-adorned fiber sculptures or driftwood-framed wall weavings that infuse your coastal retreat with beachy charm and laid-back elegance.


Embrace the timeless appeal of Scandinavian design with Scandi style, where clean lines, natural materials, and understated elegance reign supreme. Fiber art adds warmth and texture to this minimalist aesthetic, with soft wool throws and intricately woven wall hangings that create a sense of hygge and coziness. Consider neutral-toned fiber sculptures or geometric textiles that complement the clean lines and muted palette of Scandi interiors.

  • materials

    Fiber wall art pieces rely on a diverse array of materials to achieve their unique textures and visual appeal. I often select from a variety of yarns, fabrics, threads, and fibers, each chosen for its specific qualities and effects. Natural fibers like wool, cotton, and silk offer warmth and softness, while synthetic fibers such as acrylic and polyester provide durability and color vibrancy. Fabrics like linen, canvas, and muslin serve as versatile backdrops, while threads of various weights and compositions add intricate detailing and embellishments.

  • Contemporary Macrame Wall Art - Knotted by Hand


    Fiber wall art emerges from a harmonious fusion of creativity and technique, where every strand weaves a narrative of texture and depth. Through techniques like macramé, weaving, or knotting, I breathe life into their designs, layering fibers to create dynamic patterns and captivating compositions. Attention to detail is paramount as I manipulate tension and spacing, coaxing the fibers into intricate arrangements that evoke a sense of movement and dimension. Whether embracing traditional methods or pushing the boundaries with innovative approaches, the artistry of fiber wall art lies in its ability to transform humble materials into mesmerising works that enrich any space with warmth, texture, and visual allure.

  • timeline

    Creating a fiber wall art piece involves several steps: design, material selection, crafting, finishing, and presentation. I begin by sketching ideas and choosing materials. Then, they use techniques like weaving or macramé to bring the design to life. After adding final touches, the art is mounted for display. This process varies in time depending on the piece's size and complexity, resulting in a unique artwork that enhances any space.

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